Core Equipment

Equipment and supplies available in the CRC include:

  • Integrated wall system for complete physical assessment which includes:
    • Automated Blood Pressure/Heart Rate monitor
    • Oral and tympanic thermometers
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Otoscope
    • Ophthalmoscope
  • Portable vital sign monitors including aneroid cuffs – all sizes
  • Interpretive portable EKG machine
  • Infusion pumps
  • Hospital beds (2 rooms); recliners (4 rooms)
  • In-room, internet capable computers
  • Complete phlebotomy capabilities
  • Temperature monitored -20 freezer for short term specimen holding (< 1 month)
  • Temperature monitored -70 freezer for short term specimen holding (< 1 month)
  • Temperature monitored refrigerator for short term specimen holding (< 1 month)
  • Refrigerated centrifuge and ambient temperature centrifuge
  • Television (4 rooms) to accommodate subjects requiring extended stay
  • Glucometer
  • Minor procedure lamp
  • Stadiometer and scales
  • Autoclave for small instruments
  • Pharmacy equipment to include:
    • Secure room storage for ambient medications
    • Temperature monitored, secure refrigerator/freezer
    • Secure storage of controlled substances (Schedule III)
  • Applicable emergency equipment
    • Portable suction
    • Automated External Debrillator
    • Portable oxygen
    • Transport stretcher/wheelchair
  • Reception area
  • Charting Station (Computers with internet, scanner, copier, shredder)
  • Exam rooms with basic clinical supplies (tape, gauze, bandaids, specimen collection containers)

Investigators will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining supplies that are specific to your needs. Examples include: sterile supplies required for study specific procedures, biopsy trays, sterile drapes, sterile gloves, needles or blood tubes that are "special order".

Investigators requiring specific equipment or supplies will be provided a lockable cart that will limit access to your supplies to your personnel only.

Please contact Kim Brunton if you need a complete list of standard supplies provided.  Kim will be happy to source and order any study supplies specific to your study and bill the study for the cost of the supplies/equipment required that are not considered as "standard supply" or general use.