Working in the Clinical Research Center

Helpful information to assist you while you work at the CRC:

5th Floor Reception

  • Receptionist Sheri Hosken
  • Hours. Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30
  • Phone number 716-888-4850


  • Delivered to the 5th floor reception desk by 11:00 AM
  • Outgoing mail (campus or US mail) may be dropped off at the reception desk

UPS/FedEx Shipments

  • Drop off at the 5th floor reception desk by 3pm for same day pick-up
  • You will need to contact the courier to arrange for package pick-up
  • UPS and FedEx Deliveries come to 5th floor reception
  • Sheri will call the contact number provided on the waybill to notify you of package receipt

IT Assistance

Conference Rooms

  • Several conference rooms are available throughout the building
  • Each room has specialized audio-visual capabilities
  • Maximum room capacities vary from 8 to 100 people
  • To book a room:
    • Use this link or
    • Contact Sheri Hosken at 716-888-4850

Dry Ice

  • Available in room 6068 in the CTRC
  • Notify Rich Karalus at 716-888-4730 if dry ice stores are low

Office/Clerical Area

  • Located next to the Clinical Research Center
  • Available for research support staff for your trials
  • Assigned office space may be available investigators who utilize the CRC on a regular and consistent basis. These offices will be assigned by CRC administration and are subject to terms of usage
  • Several shared work stations are available for per diem usage for use by monitors during study sponsor visits. All use of CRC space should be scheduled through CRC administration

Employee Food Service

  • Refrigerators and microwaves available for use by staff
  • Buffalo General Medical Center has:
    • a Tim Horton’s café in the main lobby
    • a full service cafeteria on the first floor

Study Participant Food Service

  • The CRC will provide drinks and snack items for participants
  • Meal service is available with prior notification through CRC administration


  • Availability anticipated to be in 2013.