Translational Research Resources

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of resources to assess novel compounds. Drs. Morse and Gudkov or their designee will coordinate and guide investigators in assembling the best resources for a particular project.

We work with the CTRC Research Navigator, particularly in cases where coordinating with other services in the CTRC would benefit a study.

Resources include:

  • Drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, mechanism of action studies
  • Cytochrome P450 isoform/membrane transporter profile
  • Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics and toxicology
  • Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Pre-clinical and clinical pharmacodynamic modeling
  • IND enabling preclinical efficacy
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Phase I dose-finding study design
  • Phase I/II drug interaction study design
  • Research pathology (tissue acquisition and analysis)
  • Proteomics and biomarker development
  • Nanomedicine applications
  • cGMP production of immunotherapeutics
  • Phase I Clinical Trials, Phase II Clinical Trials