Summer, 2014
Message from the CTRC Director

Services and support for researchers continues to grow at the CTRC, including the growing University-wide Clinical Research Office and the Imaging Center devoted exclusively to preclinical and clinical research. The CTRC has hosted several research symposia and meetings and the CTRC monthly seminar series will start back up after a break for the summer. New progress on the Conventus Building and the new medical school are visible every day in the view from the CTRC windows!

Timothy F. Murphy MD
Director, UB Clinical and Translational
Research Center

News Updates & Upcoming Events

Pilot Studies in Clinical and Translational Research Awarded to 6 Teams of Researchers

Pilot Studies grants totaling $200,000 were awarded to 6 teams of researchers based at Buffalo Translational Consortium (BTC) institutions through the CTRC Translational Pilot Program. The awards were made possible through contributions of Deans and leaders of BTC institutions. A total of 51 applications underwent a rigorous two-tiered review process. The grants covered a wide range of disciplines with translational research being the common theme.

Check out the offices that contributed funds and the winners of the 2014 Pilot Studies Grants.

CTRC Hosts Buffalo Summer Research Day

Students who participated in 10 different summer research programs at UB, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Hauptman Woodward Institute took part in a day-long program at the CTRC on August 1.

In an enormously successful event, attended by about 120 people, the students presented their biomedical research projects in poster format and in oral presentations. The program featured a total of 97 posters, 8 oral presentations by student trainees and an entertaining keynote address by Dr. Anthony Campagnari who talked about early influences in his long and productive career in science.

Click here for more details, including the 10 programs that supported the students’ summer research experiences.

Poster session at the 2014 Buffalo Summer Research Day (photo by Gloria J. Del Bel).

Sarina Meikle, second year medical student in the T35 program, presenting her research performed in the laboratory of Dr. Amy Jacobs, Department of Microbiology (photo by Gloria J. Del Bel).

Mentored Research Career Development Program in Clinical and Translational Science for Junior Faculty Is Launching

The CTRC is implementing a Mentored Research Career Development Program to help transition junior faculty to become independently funded investigators, and thus train the next generation of leaders in translational science. The program will include didactic training, a mentored research experience, self-monitoring of progress and a formal mentoring component.

A committee of educational leaders from the 5 UB health science schools, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Research Institute on Addictions developed the program and will serve as a Steering Committee.

An innovative aspect of the program is that it integrates a diverse range of translational scientists, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physicians, laboratory scientists, behavioral scientists and others with a clinical or translational theme to their research. Department Chairs are invited to nominate junior faculty for consideration for inclusion in the training program. The program will be conducted with institutional funds until extramural funding is in place; thus, the pool of candidates will be existing faculty. Candidates will be required to devote a minimum of 50% and preferably 75% of their time to research.


CTRC Hosts Department of Medicine Second Annual Research Day

The Department of Medicine held their second annual research day on May 31 in a well-attended event that featured 7 oral presentations and 75 poster presentations by residents and fellows. This forum is the premier research event of the department each year.

Click here to see the award winners and for more information


The American Geriatrics Society Board of Directors has named Bruce Troen, MD, Chief of Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine and Professor of Medicine as a Fellow of the Society. This honor recognizes Dr. Troen’s seminal contributions to the field.

Bruce Troen MD, Professor of Medicine
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Dr. Kenneth Seldeen, a postdoctoral scholar in the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Troen, won first place for his research poster on vitamin D insufficiency and physical performance decline at the UB Sixth Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium. Co authors on the poster were Dr. Manhui Pang and Dr. Troen.

Kenneth Seldeen PhD
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New Grants Awarded to CTRC Investigators- Summer 2014

Six scientists with laboratories in the CTRC were awarded new grants this summer:

James Jarvis MD
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics

Title: Trophoblasts and Inflammation: An Epigenetic Approach
Sponsor: National Institute of Child Health and Development
Amount: $275,000 (2 years)

Hui Meng PhD
Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Neurosurgery

Title: Development of Blood-Based Biomarkers for Brain Aneurysm Detection
Sponsor: The Brain Aneurysm Foundation
Amount: $25,000

Timothy Murphy MD
SUNY Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Title: Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research
Sponsor: National Institutes for Deafness and Other Hearing Disorders
Amount: $93,050 (2 years)

Jessica Reynolds PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Medicine

Title: Pharmacokinetics and Immunodynamics of Multimodal Nanoparticles for HIV and TB
Sponsor: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Amount: $120,000

Kinga Szigetti MD PhD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Title: Functional validation of the CHRFAM7A CNV using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) as model system
Sponsor: Skarlow Memorial Fund Trust
Amount: $31,000

Jianping Xiang PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Title: A Bedside Simulation Tool for Neurovascular Intervention
Sponsor: Brain Aneurysm Foundation
Amount: $10,000