Winter, 2014
Message from the CTRC Director

Two important steps in solidifying partnerships and streamlining clinical research infrastructure in Buffalo have been accomplished recently. The Kaleida Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and the UB IRB Offices have both moved into the CTRC. These moves are significant in contributing to the mission of the CTRC of being the hub of clinical and translational research in Buffalo. This newsletter provides updates on several other recent exciting developments as well.

Timothy F. Murphy MD
Director, Buffalo Clinical and Translational
Research Center

CTRC Researchers

Dr. Bruce Troen Moves Laboratory into CTRC

Dr. Bruce Troen has been recruited to UB from the University of Miami to assume the position of Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. Dr. Troen’s research interests include skeletal health and osteoporosis in the elderly, vitamin D during aging and longevity and aging mechanisms. His nationally funded research program is now up and running in the CTRC. His research team includes:

Manhui Pang, MD
Research Assistant Professor

Kenneth Seldeen, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ginger Lasky, BS
PhD Student

Read more about Dr. Troen's research.

Dr. Bruce Troen, Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

Murphy Laboratory Receives Two NIH grants

The National Institute for Deafness and Communications Disorders (NIDCD) has awarded a 2 year grant to SUNY Distinguished Professor Timothy Murphy. The work proposes an entirely new approach to preventing recurrent otitis media.

Read about the proposed work.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded Dr. Murphy and several UB researchers a five year grant to study the pathogenesis of Haemophilus influenzae infections in COPD. The work will include sequencing the genomes of more than 300 strains isolated from a long running prospective study of COPD with Dr. Sanjay Sethi. Dr. Michael Buck will oversee the genome sequencing in the UB Next Gen Sequencing Center. Dr. Brian Tsuji in the School of Pharmacy will use novel methods to study antibiotic resistance and tolerance. The grant includes a subcontract with Dr. Melinda Pettigrew at Yale University.

Read about this long running study here and here.

Dr. Timothy Murphy and Antoinette Johnson, Research Technician, in their laboratory at the CTRC

MRI Imaging Study by Dr. Robert Zivadinov’s Team Links Vascular Changes to Alzheimer’s Disease

A Pilot Study lead by Robert Zivadinov MD PhD, Director of MRI Imaging at the CTRC, shows a possible link between vascular abnormalities in the internal jugular veins with white matter changes in the brain. Age-related white matter changes have long been associated with dementia and faster cognitive decline. This work may have important implications for the development of new diagnostic tools and better treatment in the future.

Read more about the study here and here.

Dr. Robert Zivadinov, Director of MRI Imaging at the CTRC


The Translational Pilot Studies Program sponsored by the CTRC and supported by the contributions of the leaders of Buffalo Translational Consortium institutions has released a new request for applications (RFA). These funds support faculty to perform pilot studies to enhance the development of innovative, multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. Investigators from all Buffalo Translational Consortium institutions are eligible to apply.

See this link for the RFA

As part of a growing partnership between the CTRC and Kaleida Health the Kaleida Office of Research and Sponsored Projects has moved into the Clinical Research Center on the sixth floor of the CTRC. The co-location of Kaleida’s research infrastructure and the CRC is already facilitating the center’s capacity to provide more integrated support to UB and Kaleida clinical researchers.

See this link for an overview of available services at the CRC

As part of an ongoing transformation of clinical research at UB, the offices of the UB Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) have moved into the fifth floor of the CTRC. This consolidation of IRBs, previously located at 3 sites, will help streamline review of clinical studies. This important move to be adjacent to the Clinical Research Center will also facilitate better coordination and integration of a variety of activities related to clinical research, including education and training programs for faculty, trainees and staff. UB has appointed a new Director of Research Compliance, Michelle van Gheem, whose office is in the CTRC and who oversees the IRBs.

See this link to read about UB’s new Director of Research Compliance
See this link to learn about the UB Human Research Protection Program

UB will receive $50 million in NY State funds to work with the New York Genome Center to perform innovative research in genomic medicine. The initiative includes key partnerships with BTC institutions and firms in Western NY and beyond. UB’s Center for Computational Research and Institute for Healthcare Informatics will provide high performance computing and expertise in electronic health records to advance the field of personalized medicine which promises to revolutionize how medicine is practiced.

Click here and here to read more about this initiative

Translational Pilot Studies Directors Receive National Recognition

In a timely coincidence with the release of the RFA for Pilot Studies, the Co-Directors of the Translational Pilot Studies Program were both recognized recently with major national awards.

Dr. Steven Fliesler was named 2014 ARVO Gold Fellow by the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.

Dr. Leonard Epstein was named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.