June, 2012 Edition

Welcome to the monthly newsletter of the Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center. The purpose of the newsletter is to update leadership, faculty, trainees, and community partners of the Buffalo Translational Consortium on activities.

Message from the CTRC Director

The Buffalo CTRC continues to support and facilitate a broad range of activities related to clinical and translational research at Buffalo Translational Consortium institutions, including:

  • Conducting a core curriculum/seminar series in clinical and translational research
  • Facilitating the review and administration of a second round of pilot studies made possible by the leadership of BTC institutions

The CTRC Operations Committee continues to meet monthly for the past two and a half years to plan and implement a variety of initiatives. The imminent opening of the CTRC building will accelerate these activities considerably.

Mark your calendars for the CTRC Grand Opening on September 20 2012.

Timothy F. Murphy MD
Director, Buffalo Clinical and Translational
Research Center

Featured Key Function: Clinical and Translational Ontology

Co-Director: Barry Smith, PhD

  • SUNY Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
  • UB College of Arts and Sciences
  • Director, National Center for Ontological Research

Co-Director: Werner Ceusters, PhD

  • Professor of Psychiatry
  • UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Director, Ontology Research Group

A brief overview of the aims of the Ontology Key Function follows:

Aim 1: To develop clinical and translational ontology resources and to test their clinical utility in three interrelated pilot experiments:

  1. Electronic Health Record interoperability
  2. Neurological disease
  3. Breast cancer surgical pathology

Aim 2: To create an ontology-based Clinical and Translational Data Exchange of de-identified web-based patient data and biological knowledge.

Aim 3: To create, test, and implement an innovative Resource Discovery, Tracking, and Evaluation System, building on ontology technology and on the eagle-i and VIVO frameworks.

Aim 4: To create an Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Biomedical Ontology.

Recent and ongoing activities include:

  • Dr. Barry Smith organized a Workshop on Clinical and Translational Science Ontologies in Baltimore in April, 2012 which was attended by over 70 representatives of CTSA institutions.
  • Barry Smith and Dagobert Soergel form part of the CTSAconnect Consortium funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). CTSAconnect uses ontologies to integrate information about research activities, clinical activities, and scientific resources across the National CTSA Consortium.
  • Dr. Barry Smith organized a 3-day Workshop on Immunology Ontology at UB in June , 2012. This workshop was organized in conjunction with the Protein Ontology and Infectious Disease Ontology Consortia, and featured sessions by several UB faculty (Alexander Yu, Alexander Diehl, Werner Ceusters, Barry Smith) as well as multiple presentations by invited experts from around the world.
  • The Ontology Key Function is hosting a weekend tutorial, Introduction to Ontology for Absolute Beginners on Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, 2012 in 14A Baldy Hall on UB's North Campus. See upcoming events in this newsletter for more information
  • Werner Ceusters will give a 3-hour tutorial on Realism-Based Ontology for Integrating Individually Compiled Biomedical Data Repositories during the Medical Informatics Europe Conference in Pisa, Italy in August.
CTRC Building Update

This recent news item from the CTRC website summarizes the current developments with the CTRC building and a general timeline for occupancy.

Seventh Floor: Completed Laboratories


It’s official! The city of Buffalo issued UB a permanent certificate of occupancy for the Clinical and Translational Research Center on June 15. It is anticipated that the first research groups will move into the building in mid or late August. A Grand Opening for the CTRC will be held on September 20.

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The American Academy of Oral Medicine has awarded Dr. Michael Glick, Dean of the UB School of Dental Medicine, its highest academic honor. Dr. Glick (pictured below) is a leader in research in dental care and oral management of medically complex patients.

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The Ontology Key Function will host a weekend tutorial entitled Introduction to Ontology for Absolute Beginners on Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12, 2012 in 14A Baldy Hall on UB's North Campus.

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The P2 Collaborative of WNY, an important community partner in the Buffalo Translational Consortium, will be moving to new and improved space this week.

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