September, 2011 Edition

Welcome to the monthly newsletter of the Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center. The purpose of the newsletter is to update leadership, faculty, trainees, and community partners of the Buffalo Translational Consortium on activities.

Message from the Director

The September newsletter highlights several new developments and activities in the continuing implementation of our broad-based plans to grow and support clinical and translational research in the Buffalo Translational Consortium and toward the ongoing active planning for our CTSA application in 2012. In particular:

  • A weekly core curriculum/seminar series in clinical and translational research is underway.
  • Two new RFAs for Pilot Studies have been released.
  • UB and Roswell Park have been awarded a new joint NIH training grant to support medical student research.
  • A monthly seminar series in research and clinical ethics is launching in October.
  • The Institute for Healthcare Informatics is nearing completion.
  • The First Annual Clinical and Translational Research Colloquium will be held on October 21, 2011.

See the News Updates and Upcoming events in this newsletter for details.

Timothy F. Murphy MD
Director, Buffalo Clinical and Translational
Research Center

Featured Key Function:
Education Training & Career Development

The three broad goals of the Education and Training Key Function are:

  • Integrate and support existing training programs
  • Develop new training programs in clinical and translational research
  • Bring together multidisciplinary teams of researchers

Recent progress has been made in 3 areas:

1. Seminar series/Core Curriculum in Clinical and Translational Research
Dr. Roseanne Berger has organized an outstanding series conducted by distinguished faculty that is in full swing. Seminars are Wednesdays 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Attendance at the first 3 sessions has been excellent with a multidisciplinary range of trainees and faculty attending.

Photos: Elie Akl, MD PhD Associate Professor of Medicine, presenting at the Seminar series/Core Curriculum on 9/14/11 on "Acquiring Evidence from Systematic Literature Reviews"

For details including seminar schedule, click here.

2. Graduate Program in Clinical Research
As reported in last month's newsletter, a concentration in Clinical Research in the MS in Epidemiology program in the School of Public Health and Heath Professions has been approved by SUNY and is enrolling students.

Click here for details.

3. T35 Training Grant
A new NIH training grant supports research fellowships in infectious diseases, microbiology and immunology for medical students. This is a joint UB-Roswell Park undertaking. Fellowships begin in the summer of 2012.

Click here to learn more.

CTRC Building Update

Left Photo: CTRC building facing North Street, taken 9/12/11; Right Photo: Landscaping near main entrance of CTRC building on Ellicott Street.

Dr. Michael Cain and Ron van Splunder, Manager of Architectural Support of the UB Facilities Planning & Design Office conducted a meeting on August 17 to update chairs of the various CTRC planning subcommittees. Construction continues with an anticipated occupancy of late April or early May 2012.


A T35 Training Grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a new opportunity for first year UB medical students to perform a mentored research project. The grant supports stipends for students to perform 10 week summer fellowships in the laboratories of UB and Roswell Park faculty in the areas of infectious diseases, microbiology and immunology. The first fellowships will awarded for the summer of 2012.

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Two new RFAs for Pilot Studies in clinical and translational science have just been released. Awards of up to $50,000 will be made for projects to develop Novel Clinical and Translational Methodologies and for Pilot and Collaborative Translational and Clinical Studies. All investigators in Buffalo Translational Consortium institutions are eligible to apply.

Click here to learn about areas of emphasis, application format, time lines and other details.

The Institute for Healthcare Informatics, a HIPAA compliant data storage facility nearing completion on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, hosted a half day workshop attended by the leadership and investigators of the Buffalo Translational Consortium.

Click here to learn about the workshop and about the UB partnership with Dell Inc.

The colloquium will be held on Friday October 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the Zebro Room of the Roswell Park Center for Genetics and Pharmacology on Virginia Street adjacent to the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. The Principal Investigators of last year's pilot studies awards will make short presentations of their work and will be recognized as "CTRC Fellows". All BTC investigators, trainees and staff are invited.

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Clinical & Translational Research Colloquium Accouncement

A monthly seminar series in research ethics will get underway beginning October 17 when Dr. Sean Philpott from the Bioethics Program at Union Graduate College will speak. Seminars will be held the third Monday of each month at 12 noon in Swift Auditorium at Buffalo General Hospital.

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