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SUNY ‘Conversations in the Disciplines’ Workshop on Creativity and Innovation

Posted on 01/17/13 at 01:29 pm

Workshop on Creativity and Innovation in the Biomedical Sciences To Be Held in Buffalo in June 2013

One of the major criteria by which every NIH grant is scored is innovation, and one of the most common reasons that grant applications go unfunded is lack of innovation. In order to assist investigators and trainees in the Buffalo Translational Consortium to improve innovation scores in their grant applications and to encourage innovation in research, UB, under the leadership of Dr. Leonard Epstein and with the assistance of Drs. Steven Fliesler and Larry Hawk, is hosting a unique workshop that will be held at the Ramada Inn in Amherst on June 10 and 11, 2013:

SUNY ‘Conversations in the Disciplines’ Workshop on Creativity and Innovation

The Workshop is supported by a grant from the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines and multiple UB Schools and Departments. The agenda includes:
•    talks and interactive sessions conducted by national leaders in creativity
•    breakout sessions with 4 winners of NIH Director’s Transformative Research Awards that support exceptionally innovative and/or unconventional research projects that have the potential to create or overturn fundamental paradigms.

Click here for the complete agenda, biographies of each of the speakers and event details.

The concept for the workshop arose in the planning of the Translational Pilot Program as part of the infrastructure of the Clinical and Translational Research Center in partnership with the Office of Vice President for Research.