1. Bruker 9.4 Tesla Small Animal Micro MRI

  • Researchers requiring MRI studies of mouse and rat subjects now have access to equipment and staff through the MRI Center
  • This 9.4T magnet provides the high field strength required to image delicate structures in small animals as well as tissue samples. In addition this high field magnet will serve for progressive MRI research

Additional Equipment


  • Greatly increases signal to noise ratios and allows for faster scanning

Animal Anesthesia and Monitoring

  • Anesthesia induction and ventilation
  • Temperature and vitals monitoring

Possible Studies

  • Spectroscopy
  • Fixed tissue
  • Brain studies
  • Heart studies
  • Volumetric studies
  • Non-conventional MRI protocols

2. Toshiba 3 Tesla MRI

  • Researchers requiring MRI studies of human and large animal subjects will benefit from our Toshiba clinical magnet